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A True Ma & Pa Business

Our love and passion for beignets really got thrown into gear when we visited New Orleans 5 years ago for our honeymoon!  My husband grew up in that area and we both absolutely loved beignets in New Orleans!  After coming back to Utah we began making them all the time.  We ended up creating our very own secret recipe for beignets and wondered why no one really sells them in the area!  This is how the idea of our small business was born!


Why the name Missy Lou?

We wanted to do a name that had a southern warm inviting ring to it.  Mama's was a consideration because being a mom is a huge part of my life after we went through IVF to have our daughter, but after looking around at other places "mama's" seemed a little to generic.  We call our baby girl little miss and little missy so we wanted to do something with that and considering New Orleans is along the Mississippi river (Missy) and located in the state of Louisiana (Lou), Missy Lou's was born!

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